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Posted 26 November 2010 - 12:27 AM


Failure Failure to follow these simple rules will result in thread+account deletion without warning!
Moderators are asked to delete any threads and accounts without warning when any of the following rules are broken.
It's easier for us to just simply delete the thread then to keep fixing each one.

1. NO Crush and NO Underage material.
If you're in to these niches, that's whatever, but just don't bring it to this domain.

2. Every video must have a preview OR a cover image.
If it's a small thumbnail image, make sure it's enlargeable.A text link to an image is not acceptable.

3. Do not make multiple accounts.
There no reason for anyone to needs more then one account on here.

4. Do not create duplicate post of the same content.
Double posting of the same content to gain more exposure isn't allow.

5. Do not post referral links.
Posting referral links is not allowed.

6. Signature Policy.
You are allowed to have a signature & post link to your site, but we would require a link back to us:

Don't even try to play the 'see if he catches me' game.
Anyone caught with having a link to their site without linking back will result in an account deletion without warning.

If you're going to add a link to your site on here, it's only fair you return the favor.


<a href="http://pornshareproject.org/" title="Porn Share Project - Adult BBS">Porn Forum</a>

If you prefer, you may link back to your own thread or profile on Porn Share Project.

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